Thursday, January 26, 2012

NOTD - Teal & Black Ombre Nails

Everyone knows that Ombre is a trend that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon - And that's OK with me!

A couple of months ago I saw a youtube video on how to accomplish your own Ombre nails.  At the time I never bothered to try it, out of fear of disappointment.  But than a couple of weeks ago my sister posted a facebook picture of beautiful Red & Black Ombre nails that she did and I knew I had to give it a go.

I opted for teal and black nails.

Keep in mind in person it fades much nicer.
What I used:
Used in order shown above from left to right.
-OPI; Nail Envy (clear base coat)
-Sally Hansen; Complete Salon Manicure in '670 - Midnight in NY' (1st colour - black nail polish)
-L.A. Girl; Disco Brites, black light nail polish in 'Turntable' (2nd colour - teal nail polish)
-Seche Vite; Dry Fast Top Coat (clear top coat)
-(Pictured below) Makeup sponge, & A clear lid.

1:  Prep your nails using your favourite base coat.
2:  Apply two coats of a base colour of your choice.  I chose a black with a slight shimmer to it.
3: Take a makeup sponge and rip off two small pieces.  (One will be to dab on your second colour, the other will be to dab off some nail polish if too much is applied.  Also used to help fade the bottom)
4: [I used a clear plastic lid for this step] Take your second colour of choice -I used teal- and pour a small amount onto a hard surface that can be stained (i.e. Plastic container lid, paper/plastic plate, glass coaster, etc)
5: Take your ripped makeup sponge (Make sure to use the ripped side) and dab it into your second colour.  Begin to dab this colour lightly onto your nails - starting about mid-way.  As you get closer to the tip of your nail, dab more color on, making the very tip of your nail opaque with the color you chose. 
6:  If you applied to much color at the bottom of the nail, take the second piece or ripped sponge and dab it on your nail.  The clean sponge should remove some of the second color that you have over applied.
7:  Go over your nails with a top coat to smooth the nail polish and give your nails a nice shine.  I choose Seche Vite as it is a very quick drying top coat.
8.  Enjoy your new Ombre Nails!!

thumbs up for Ombre nails!
And if anyone is as impatient as I am when they paint their nails, not to worry.  All you have to do is dab some more of the color over the spot that you smudged, and reapply a top coat.

I used the actual nail polish brush to re-apply the colour since it was on an opaque spot,
but if yours happens further down all you have to do is re-apply the base colour, and then stamp on the secondary colour.
See, good as new! - Lol.

Will you be trying the Ombre nail?  If not what is your favourite style of nail polish?


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